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FD-8601 handheld lock screw machine

product information

The machine is small in size, light in weight, and low in noise. The use of a new feeding mechanism and a visual distribution mechanism brings great convenience to your use. The machine has a material shortage reminder function to help you monitor whether there is a lack of material in the material box, and a built-in counting function can help you to count the production capacity.

This product is developed for a large number of screws and the station arrangement is not far behind. One feeder feeds two batches, but does not interfere with each other.

Advantages :

1. Convenient, just align the screw holes and lock the screws, completely eliminating the tedious action of manual screwing.
2. The fast screw feed speed is fast, the material distribution efficiency is as high as 0.4s / piece, and the lock screw efficiency is doubled.
3. Clean and no longer directly contact the screws, avoiding the problem of rust caused by secondary pollution of the hands.
4. The stabilizing screw automatically arranges, feeds, and automatically screens special-shaped screws, which will not cause material jamming due to misoperation.
5. Low noise quality guarantee, safe and no noise.
6. Low power consumption The whole machine consumes 30W and can work around the clock.

Performance :

1. Electric batch is light and compact, convenient and accurate torque adjustment, high locking quality.
2, flexible operation, suitable for different production lines, fixed-point operations, strong versatility.
3. The function is external, the air pressure is adjustable, and the guide rail divider is visible, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.
4. Turbine feeding, less screw friction and no discoloration.
5. It weighs only about 9 kilograms and is very convenient to carry.
6. Precise counting, intelligent alarm function for lack of material (sound and light reminder).
7. The noise is lower than 65 dB.

Parameters :

1. Product structure:
This product consists of two parts, the main unit and the electric batch.
2. Technical parameters ① Screw pocket volume: M2X6 5000PCS ② Efficiency: 50-70PCS / MIN (depending on the length of the screw)
③ Power supply: 220V 50HZ ④ Screw out speed: 0.75 seconds / piece ⑤ Power: 30W ⑥ Air pressure: 2-3KGF / C㎡
⑦ Weight: 9.5KG 外形 Shape: 400 * 250 * 190MM
⑨ Noise: less than 65dB ⑩ Transmission distance: 1-4 meters

Instructions for use :

1. Applicable screw range: M1-M6.
2. The types of screw heads used are: cross, triangle, plum, inner hexagon, Y-shaped head, etc.
3. The surface treatment methods of the screws used are: electric nickel, black pot, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. The screw materials used are: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
5. The materials of the lock screw products are: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6. Hand-held screwdrivers are widely used in various industries, such as cell phones, hard drives, keyboards, toys, LCD / LED modules, communication equipment, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts and other electronic assembly plants.

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