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FD-8602 hand-held one-machine multi-purpose handheld lock screw machine is a one-machine multi-purpose type, which can be equipped with different screw distribution systems according to different types of screws (such as: M3, M4, M5 can be equipped with corresponding screw distribution systems, You only need to adjust the guide rail and replace the corresponding screw distribution system, and the lock mouth and air pipe can be used, and it is easy and fast to disassemble.) Compared with the special screw machine used by the special machine, the customer does not need to repurchase to change a screw A screw machine can better reduce costs and improve efficiency for customers.


1. Different screw distribution systems can be equipped according to different types of screws.

2. It is convenient and quick to replace, and it can be replaced within 10 minutes.
3. There is no need to re-purchase a screw machine in order to change a screw.
4. Convenient maintenance. The batcher that is temporarily unused after replacement, the batch head is very clean.
5, stable, low noise, low power consumption, intelligent alarm, intelligent counting


1. The guide rail is adjustable, and the corresponding material distribution system can be replaced according to different types of screws.

2. The user can choose an external display operation box to check the status of lock payment, including the screw count and output completion count of a single product.
3. Automatic feeding: After each lock payment is completed, a screw is automatically sent to the lock mouth quickly, and the next lock payment can be continued.
4, sliding teeth do not feed: during the lock payment process, the lock payment torque is not reached, the screws are not sent out to prevent the lock mouth from jamming.
5. Accurate counting, intelligent alarm function for lack of material (sound and light reminder).


1. Product structure:

This product consists of a host and a variety of electrical approved sets.
2. Technical parameters ① Volume of screw pocket: M2X6 4000PCS ② Efficiency: 50-70PCS / MIN (depending on screw length)
③ Power supply: 220V 50HZ ④ Screw out speed: 0.75 seconds / piece ⑤ Power: 30W ⑥ Air pressure: 2-3KGF / C㎡
⑦ Weight: 9.5KG 外形 Shape: 400 * 250 * 190MM
⑨ Noise: less than 65dB ⑩ Transmission distance: 1-4 meters

Instructions for use:

1. Applicable screw range: M1-M6.
2. The types of screw heads used are: cross, triangle, plum, inner hexagon, Y-shaped head, etc.
3. The surface treatment methods of the screws used are: electric nickel, black pot, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. The screw materials used are: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
5. The materials of the lock screw products are: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6. Hand-held lock screw machine is widely used in various industries, such as mobile phone, hard disk, keyboard, toys, LCD / LED module, communication equipment, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts and other electronic assembly plants.

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