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XYZ coordinate lock screw machine

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The biggest advantage of this mode of automatic screw feeding machine is flexibility and high efficiency. According to the set coordinates, the machine automatically completes the product lock payment. Z axis can be installed with up to 6 electric batches at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency. To change the product, just modify the lock point coordinates. The operation is very simple. In the era of faster product upgrades, investment in fixed assets can be greatly saved. FD-8900 automatic locking screw machine, which distributes the screws through the distribution system and sends the screws to the locking mouth through the pressure of the trachea.

1. Versatility. Small size, can cooperate with production line operation, convenient product replacement.
2. efficient. Several electric batches work at the same time, which can replace multiple workers; for example, 4 electric batch table-type automatic locking screw machines,
Multiple screws are locked at a time, and the machine can lock several products at a time. The number of Z-axis electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. The Y-axis can be made into a double station (ie double Y-axis) as required, and the operator can alternately load and unload.
4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers. The traditional manual placement of the screws and alignment of the screw heads require significant work time and effort.
5. high degree of automation. The operation is simple, and the staff can quickly master the operation and debugging. A worker can manage several machines at the same time. Save labor.
6. The torque is precise. Easy to adjust to ensure the quality of locking.
7. Compared with the suction type, the blow screw is delivered directly to the nozzle. It saves time to get the screws back and forth and is more efficient. more stable.

Performance :

Positioning accuracy: X, Y: +/- 0.08mm Z: +/- 0.01mm
Running speed: 500mm / sec (XY)
Qili speed electric batch: Can be selected according to customer requirements

Parameters :

1. Dimensions: height 730 * length 783 * width 693
2.Frame: steel table, aluminum alloy frame
3. Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ
4. Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 40 degrees
5. Power: 300W
6. Host program control: dedicated controller

7. Human-machine interface: dedicated human-machine interface

Use range:

1. Applicable screw range: M1-M6.
2. The types of screw heads used are: cross, triangle, plum, inner hexagon, Y-shaped head, etc.
3. The surface treatment methods of the screws used are: electric nickel, black pot, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. The screw materials used are: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
5. The materials of the lock screw products are: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6, fully automatic lock screw machine blowing type is widely used in various industries, such as mobile phones, hard drives, keyboards, play
Tools, LCD / LED modules, communication equipment, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts and other electronic processing plants.

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