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Platform fixed multi-axis automatic locking screw machine

product information

I. Advantages:

1. Multiple screws can be locked at the same time, which can replace multiple workers; for example, an 8-axis automatic lock screw machine can lock 8 screws at the same time. The number of axes can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. The machine is cost-effective and usually recovers the cost within one year;
3. Pick and place the product manually, the machine automatically locks the screws and can determine whether the screws are
Locked, there will be an alarm prompt if there is a poorly locked product, and it is easy to distinguish the defective product.
4. The electric screwdriver transmits the torque lock screw through the universal drive shaft, and the screw hole position is easy to adjust.
Changing product variety is easy.
5. Good versatility. Can remove the lock screw of an electric batch.
6. Turbine loading, no jamming compared with traditional vibrating plate or lifting type. Smaller volume and noise, easier maintenance.
7. The machine is easy to operate, and the staff can quickly master the operation and debugging;

Parameter performance:

1. Number of lock shafts: 2-12 shafts are optional.
2. Missing lock / floating lock / slip tooth detection customers can choose to match.
3. High reliability and durability, all imported parts are used for electric and pneumatic systems.
4. The spindle position and height can be adjusted to adapt to the rapid replacement of different products.
5. It can cooperate with the assembly line to realize fully automatic operation.
6. Lock payment speed: 2-5 seconds / PCS, depending on the length of the screw.
7. Torque adjustment: each axis can be adjusted separately.
8. Air source: 5-7kg / cm2.
9. Power supply: 220V 50Hz power 300W.
10. Suitable for reeling: M1- -M8.
11. Suitable products: toys, optoelectronics, computers, plastics, electric wheel hubs and other products.

Scope of application:

1. Applicable screw range: M1-M6.
2. The types of screw heads used are: flat, cross, triangle, plum, hexagon, H, etc.
3. The surface treatment methods of the screws used are: electric nickel, black pot, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, copper plating, etc.
4. The screw materials used are: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
5. The materials of the lock screw products are: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
具、LCD/LED模组、通讯设备、电器、玩具、汽车配件等电子加工厂组装。 6. Multi-axis fixed lock screw machine is widely used in various industries, such as mobile phone, hard disk, keyboard, toys , LCD / LED module, communication equipment, electrical appliances, toys, auto parts and other electronic processing plant assembly.

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