Screw machine

FD-8905 Automatic High Voltage Test Lock Screw Machine

product information

1. Multiple screws can be locked at the same time, which can replace multiple workers; for example, an 8-axis automatic lock screw machine can lock 8 screws at the same time. The number of axes can be customized according to customer requirements.
2. The machine is cost-effective and usually recovers the cost within one year;
3. Manually pick and place the product, the machine automatically locks the screws and can determine whether the screws are locked properly. If there is a poorly locked product, the machine will alarm and prompt to distinguish the defective product.
4. The electric screwdriver transmits the torque lock screw through the universal drive shaft, and the screw hole position is easy to adjust.
Changing product variety is easy.
5. Good versatility. Can remove the lock screw of an electric batch.
6. Turbine loading, no jamming compared with traditional vibrating plate or lifting type. Smaller volume and noise, easier maintenance.
7. The machine is easy to operate, and the staff can quickly master the operation and debugging; the electronics processing plant is assembled.

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