Screw machine

WPC floor lock screw machine

product information

Module movement description

X axis module parameters

800mm,标配上银导轨,丝杆,杰美康86闭环电机(带编码器) Effective travel 800mm, standard with silver guide rail, screw, JieMeikang 86 closed-loop motor (with encoder)


Y-axis module parameters

450mm, standard with silver guide rail, screw, JieMeikang 57 closed-loop motor (with encoder)


Z axis module parameters

100mm, standard with silver guide rail, screw, JieMeikang 57 brake motor


Running speed

500mm / S



.03以内 Within 0.03

Control instructions


Weilun touch screen


Program input

Direct coordinate teaching input


Host program control

LC Omron P LC



S232C电脑通讯软件 Serial R S232C computer communication software


2供料机 1 out 2 feeder

Conveying 4 screws at a time, turbo feeder can automatically screen non-standard screws


Screw capacity

2000PCS (M4x10 tapping screws with flat washer)


Screw out of material detection

The imported sensor is used to detect the lack of materials and has a delay alarm function.


Qili speed electric batch

选配合适的电批,扭力可调,扭力稳定 Select the appropriate electric batch according to the torque of the workpiece , the torque is adjustable and the torque is stable


轴电批数量 Z- axis electric batch number



Screw lock pay speed

1 / S

Test items

Screw sliding teeth detection



Screw missing lock detection


Superior machine performance

Machine versatility

Each automatic screw feeder can be shared by screws of similar specifications


Machine stability

All the main parts of the machine are imported to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine.Shangyin screw guide rails, SMC & Yadeke & CKD pneumatic components, Jiemeikang servo motors, Taiwan Qili speed electric batch and WEINVIEW touch screen, OMRON photoelectric sensory switch


Simple and flexible operation

The advantages of this model of automatic screw feeding screw machine are flexibility and high efficiency. According to the set coordinates, the machine automatically completes the product lock payment. Under the state of non-stop, greatly improve production efficiency. To change the product, just modify the coordinate setting of the lock point, and the operation is very simple.


Module accuracy and long life

The movement module of this machine uses a screw rod, high repeat accuracy, stable movement and long life




After sale

After sales response

小时内卖方提出解决方法,如 电话沟通不能排除故障 ,卖方 8小时 内到达现场维修。 One year free warranty for the equipment (except for damage caused by abnormal use). If there is a failure to repair the device for life, the seller proposes a solution within 2 hours after the communication between the two parties .

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