Screw machine

SR15-40 high quality automatic winding and binding machine

product information

Technical Parameters:

Suitable for cable tie length: 120mm—190mm

Applicable OD bundle diameter: ¢ 15-40mm

Number of torsion coils: 2-8 turns, adjustable

Winding speed: 2-8 turns / second, adjustable input voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated power: <100W
Speed: 1 second / time Weight: about 30Kg
Use environment: no severe shaking, vibration, no corrosive air, dust.

Volume: length (500mm) * width (500mm) * height (300mm), including raised parts

This machine is suitable for winding various types of transmission lines such as AC power cord, DC power cord, USB data, video cable, HDMI HD cable, etc.

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Can also be used for 6mm Samsung cable ties

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