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M&L We are always committed to the design and manufacture of pneumatic tools. We plan our products from the perspective of users. We calculate the efficiency of tools from the perspective of operators. We take accuracy, environmental protection, technology and quality as our standards. Our products have many patents and won many awards. Excellent pneumatic tools can not only improve work efficiency, but also improve work quality.

The color and shape of the whole tool are combined with art, shape, human factors, engineering, mechanism, machinery and other engineers to complete the new technology products, one of the real industrial pneumatic drivers.

      M&L Pneumatic tools have ten characteristics

one Precision M & L provides patented clutch torque accuracy of 3% (repetition accuracy) and product quality assurance

two Economy : super large torque range, one can withstand multiple use, and obtained a number of patents, so the service life of motor blade is longer.

three Beautiful It is designed by engineering and mechanical engineers. It has professional appearance and aesthetic feeling.

four science and technology Special mechanical structure and patented special motor design, with low noise, low vibration, high precision and other advantages

five Honor : Japan osake excellent tool in 2002

six Easy to operate : the first ergonomic soft wrench can make the operator easily complete the locking screw work.

seven Comfort The outer handle is designed with patented ergonomic anti-skid (double convex) and running water pattern. It also has human factor anti-skid and beautiful visual appearance. The external handle can be balanced and comfortable to hold.

eight Torque fixing system : it can prevent the field operator from moving and adjusting the torque, and there is a window to see the size of the torque for marking management, which can quickly adjust the torque, or it can not use the torque fixed ring, which has both of the design.

nine fast : press down on the shaft cap to quickly replace the driver head.

10 color torque management system M & L provides a new method of torque management, which uses color mark to manage the difference of torque as the torque management system of production line, and uses all R-Series tools. As long as different colors are selected and different torque sizes are selected, it can be used in the production line and effectively manage the torque quality.

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